Rich SMS

Building engaging communications with Members to drive Club visitation and measurability 

  • Rich Content

  • Regular SMS + Personalised Landing Pages

  • Include Images, Links Surveys and More

  • Track Delivery, Landing Page Visits and Click Throughs


SMS is Still Relevant

  • In 2018, smartphone ownership in Australia reached 89% and is expected to grow to 95% by 2020 (Deloitte).

  • Smartphone ownership by age groups:

    • 12 yrs to 24 yrs: 95%​

    • 25 yrs to 54 yrs: 96%

    • 55 yrs and older: 77%

  • Research has shown that close to 10% of the population owns a mobile device​

    • Smartphone: 89%​

    • Regular Mobile: 11%

  • In a period spanning March 2018 to May 2018, 246,800 TB of ​data was downloaded via mobile (ABS).

With the above statistics it is clear that most Australians now use a mobile device and consume a significant amount of information via mobile.

While traditional SMS has not changed much since its early days, new avenues of building engagement into SMS have emerged.

Sending SMSes as a means of communicating with Members is not a new channel of communication, however, it was predominantly one-way and bland. Often restricted by character limits, lack of images and graphics and any detailed information, as well as very limited reports made traditional SMS bland and less favorable over emailers.

With the rapid adoption of smartphones and increasing mobile data consumption, SMS has been given a makeover to embrace the latest capabilities of smartphones.


BULLSEYE CX has built capabilities around the evolution of SMS to bring its excite new features to Clubs and drive Member engagement using interactive implementations of SMS.​

Advantages of BULLSEYE CX Rich SMS:

  • Anyone with a mobile will receive the SMS (those with smartphones & WIFI/Data will receive the interactive versions)

  • Includes personalised landing pages (Just like the SMS message itself, personalised landing pages can include the recipients' names, special offers, redemption codes and more)​

    • SMS content with regular character limit

    • Landing pages with no limits to text content

    • Customer fields

    • Add logos & brand colours

    • Add images​

    • Add multiple links

    • Add calendar reminders

    • Conduct instant surveys​

    • Dedicated Virtual Mobile Number, enabling 2-way conversations

  • Track Delivery > Landing Page Visits > Link Clicks within the Landing Page​

Get a more detailed view of Rich SMS in our whitepaper. Click on the link below.

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BCX’s core competencies encompass areas related to CRM, Business Intelligence, Data Warehousing & Analytics. This includes strong knowledge of various CRM processes and best practices, Analytical as well as transactional Database Management Systems, SQL, Business and Data Warehouse Modelling, various Extract Transform and Load ETL tools and various Business Intelligence platforms.

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