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Introducing Excel: Core Concepts 

Building upon the popularity of two of our popular courses, Level 1 Excel: Introduction to Formulas, Tables & Graphs and Level 2 Excel: Advanced Excel for Club Professionals, BULLSEYE CX (BCX) has designed an Excel training program for individual Clubs that want to up-skill their front-line staff and managers with valuable skills in Microsoft Excel, that:

  1. Boost Productivity

  2. Empower Team members with the ability to contribute additional value through insights

  3. Optimise time use

By tailoring elements of our courses for your Club’s specific requirements, both the Club and the participating team gain significantly more value, as the learnings can be implemented into actual practice immediately.

Improving Outcomes 

The BCX Core Concepts On-site Program reduces risks associated with: 

  1. ​Applying generalised training to practical scenarios (where use-cases differ for each Club)

  2. Diminished training value from the waiting period between completing the course and implementing learnings in business

  3. Using sample data, which may not necessarily reflect each individual Club’s actual data

  4. Fears and apprehensions that participants may face in an unfamiliar external environment

For participants, understanding the key concepts is the most important aspect from any training program. Sometimes, the level of comprehension of these concepts can very depending on the mix of skill sets and requirements participants have in the training environment.

With this in mind, On-site Excel Training places participants in the familiar environment of their Club, with data and software they are required to work with. This ensures that the learning experience goes from concept to practice to  efficiency and then to mastery in a much quicker time frame.

Key Features

  • On-site 1-day course delivery

  • Discovery Call - to customise course material

    • Course Material

    • Course Workbook

  • Practical Excel Exercises

  • Low participant-trainer ratio

  • BULLSEYE CX Course Completion Certificate

  • 2-month follow-up call to verify effectiveness

Price: $3400+GST for up to 12 Participants

Who Should Take This Course

This program is designed for Clubs that seek to upskill their front-line staff, supervisors and managers across all functions.  Once your Club realises the value gained from our Core Concepts Excel for Clubs program, we have 2 additional courses that stack upon participants’ learnings, to further enhance their skills and bring additional value to your Club.

These include:

Dashboards: “Strategic Excel for Clubs” – 1 Day

Macros: “Automating Excel for Clubs” – 1 Day

Relevant Training

With a goal of delivering a high-impact course, we use a Discovery Call to gain a thorough understanding of your Excel training requirements, the current Excel skill levels of participants and the current data processing methodology the participants employ.

We then employ actual Club data and Excel spreadsheets that are relevant to the participants to create practical exercises and tailor the course modules for your Club.

A key takeaway from the BULLSEYE CX On-site Excel: Core Concepts program is that your participants will build and improve the very spreadsheets that they use, learn skills to further improve their utilisation of Excel’s powerful features and significantly optimise their day-today processes using Excel. 

Using our tailored approach to Excel training, your Club will not only benefit from improved skills, leading to higher efficiency, but your Club’s participants will build confidence through action-based learning. 

How to Register

If you would like more information about how our 'On-site Excel: Core Concepts Course' can benefit your organisation or would like to register, please contact Brett Jones, Senior AdvisorBULLSEYE CX on 0435 812 177 or email him at brett.jones@bullseyecx.com.au or use the contact form below.


BULLSEYE CX is known for its courses, designed specifically for Club Professionals. This On-site Excel: Core Concepts course will equip your teams with key skills to take advantage of Excel’s data processing power.

It is designed to help your teams make better use of their time and to make data-driven decisions. 

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