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A Series of FREE Courses For Club Professionals

Duration: 60 Minutes / Session

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Topics Covered

Below you will find the topics covered under each module of our online courses.

Introduction to Excel

Intro to Excel: Module 1 - Understanding the Interface

  • The Ribbon
  • Customizing the Ribbon
  • The Quick Access Toolbar
  • Tell Me and Smart Lookup
  • The Smart Lookup Tool
  • The File Tab

Intro to Excel: Module 2 - Building and Maintaining Tables

  • Creating Tables
  • AutoFilters
  • Table Tools Design Tab
  • Add a Total Row
  • Add a Column Total
  • Formatting Table Data
  • Delete Duplicate Data
  • Automatically Extend a Table
  • Automatically Freeze Panes to Show the Heading Row
  • Select Columns, Rows or the Entire Table

Intro to Excel: Module 3 - Protecting Worksheets

  • Protecting your Spreadsheets
  • Preparing your Cells
  • Locking your Spreadsheet
  • Unprotect Worksheets
  • Protecting Workbooks
  • Unprotect Workbooks

Intro to Excel: Module 4 - Introduction to Charts

  • Using Recommended Charts
  • Inserting a Chart
  • Most Commonly Used Charts
  • Chart Elements
  • Chart Styles
  • Chart Formatting Shortcuts
  • Using the Chart Styles Button
  • Using Chart Filters
  • Switching Row and Column Data
  • Changing the Chart Type
  • Moving a Chart
  • Saving a Chart as a Template

Intro to Excel: Module 5 - Introduction to Creating a Form

Step-by-Step Guide on Building Forms

Advanced Excel for Club Professionals

Advanced Excel: Module 1 - Keyboard Shortcuts

  • Navigate Worksheets
  • Basic and Advanced Cell Selection
  • Edit Content of Cell
  • Adjust Clumn Width and Height
  • Manage Multiple Worksheets

Advanced Excel: Module 2 - Advanced Formulas

  • Extract Text from a Cell
  • Date and Time
  • Count Related Formulas
  • Sum Related Formulas
  • Match and Index
  • IF Statements

Advanced Excel: Module 3 - Data Validation

  • Creating Data Tables
  • Using Validation Tools

Advanced Excel: Module 4 - Pivot Tables

  • Create a Pivot Table
  • Pivoting Data
  • Filters
  • Slicers
  • Pivot Charts

Advanced Excel: Module 5 - Protecting Your Worksheet

  • Protect a File
  • Protect a Worksheet
  • Locking/Unlocking Cells
  • Ranges with Passwords

Advanced Excel: Module 6 - Recording a Macro

  • What is a Macro
  • Steps to Record a Macro

Microsoft Teams

Introduction to MS Team

  • Introduction
  • Admin – Basics to Get Up and Running
  • User Guide
  • Meetings
  • Join a meeting in Teams
  • Schedule a meeting
  • Invite people to a meeting in Teams
  • See all your meetings in Teams
  • Share content in a meeting in Teams
  • Record a meeting in Teams
  • Play and share a meeting recording in Teams
  • Share a file in Teams
  • Useful Keyboards Shortcuts

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