CRM As A Service

Removing barriers to Customer Relationship Management adoption with a managed CRM

  • Strategic

  • Mapped to the Member Lifecycle

  • Modular

  • Managed

  • Cloud-based

  • Cost-effective


BULLSEYE CX CRM AS A Service - Features

  • Access to Smart Technologies

  • CRM - Membership Life-cycle Management Mapping

  • Pre-loaded Market Segments

  • Pre-loaded Know Your Customer

  • Pre-loaded New Customer Acquisition

  • Pre-loaded Member Journeys

  • Pre-loaded Functions CRM

  • Off-site CRM Tactic-Programming

  • Customised Email Marketing

  • Customised Rich SMS

  • Bi-Monthly Workshops with CRM Practitioner

  • CRM Performace Metrics

  • Ongoing Support

  • Rapid Deployment

  • Modular

  • Monthly License Fee

Breaking Down Barriers to CRM Implementation in Clubs

Through years of hands-on experience working with Clubs of all sizes, BULLSEYE CX has developed an industry first, CRM designed specifically for Clubs. Not only does it meet all the needs of a robust CRM, but it breaks down each of the barriers (below)​ to enable any Club to implement a fully functional, near plug and play CRM.

Our managed CRM As A Service is comprised of the best technologies, proven processes, and truly unique concepts that drive customer retention, acquisition and engagement for extended member Life-time Value and growth. 

Barriers to CRM Implementation in Clubs (Interactive)

Tailored to Club Specific Needs

We recognise that each Club has its own unique requirements and challenges. With that in mind, we have designed an industry first, CRM as a Service, which uses Club specific information to build a managed CRM solution that is designed to cater specifically to each Club's unique requirements.

Using a methodical and strategic approach, we design a CRM strategy to address immediate concerns, as well as look into future use-cases to ensure maximised value. Using data-driven insights, we identify key areas that our CRM as a Service can be deployed and manage and monitor the solution to ensure that it is utilised to its fullest potential.

Our stack of technology platforms has been hand-picked for Clubs, and allows for a modular approach to CRM, making implementation streamlined and cost-effective.

To learn how BULLSEYE CX' CRMaaS can benefit your Club, contact us and one of our Advisors will be happy to walk you through this unique offering in more detail.


Phone: 0435812177


BULLSEYE CX (BCX) is a Customer Experience strategy company, that harnesses the power of data to make intelligent and effective strategic decisions to help Clubs drive ROI, Member Loyalty and Life-time Value.

The BCX team has strong experience in the Club industry, with each of our advisors bringing highly specialised skills and experience in several key delivery areas, including strategy, big-data analytics, marketing and education/training.


BCX’s core competencies encompass areas related to CRM, Business Intelligence, Data Warehousing & Analytics. This includes strong knowledge of various CRM processes and best practices, Analytical as well as transactional Database Management Systems, SQL, Business and Data Warehouse Modelling, various Extract Transform and Load ETL tools and various Business Intelligence platforms.

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